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Video shooting of promo clips, commercials, clips, stories and reports. Write, call, chatte.
You can contact me in many ways convenient for you. Almost all social networks, whatsapp, viber are all in service. But the fastest and most reliable is the classic phone call. Write, call, chatte.
Useful homemade, lifehacks for photo-video operators and small secrets. :).
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Monday, July 18, 2016 317
So I decided to buy a slider for time lapse. Prices are unreal, in China a simple meter slider without a drive costs about 6 thousands (I am terrified to speak about prices in Russia, because how long it will be relevant). The slider with electric drive costs about 12 thousands, these are unnamed products. The famous manufacturers of specialized equipment for video filming want sky-high price (25 thousands rubles) for such miracle of technology. Honestly speaking for an aluminum rail and the motor … In general, as usual, we will manage thanks for our own hands and brain. Let’s start.
Sunday, January 22, 2017 1398
Как только появились современные фотокамеры со сменной оптикой, тут же появились энтузиасты, которые стали устанавливать на них старые ручные объективы. И дело не в жадности или поиске какой-то выгоды, дело в ностальгии, мы все соскучились по мягкой киношной картинке, по сюжетам из наших черно-белых альбомов, нам надоели стерильные современные изображения.

I have been taking pictures for more than fifteen years.
This work inspires me, makes me develop, learn new things and constantly experiment. I shoot the video on my favorite DSLR with a braided rig and follow focus system.


Photo shooting

Photography of weddings, celebrations and events, wedding, christening, portrait photography. Family and children's photo. Photoshoots for the portfolio, as well as special types of filming for online publications and polygraphy (subject, macro).

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съёмка фото и видео одновременно

Photo and video shooting simultaneously

I can not take photos and videos at the same time with me. But if there is a need for such a survey, then we can discuss and recommend a third party.
съёмка видео

Video shooting

Video shooting of clips, advertising and news videos, congratulations and short films. Special types of video shooting timelap, hyperleps and aerial photography.

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